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????????????????????????????????????????Ever wonder why some people appear so locked in on making sure you’re living YOUR life right? I’m sure at some point someone caused you to think along these lines.

You see this mentality in families, marriages, churches, work, just about everywhere people interact. Parental units do own a certain “claim” to needing to enforce this intrusion into how you choose to do and say things. Once you get past parenting, the line becomes quite blurred as to how much of this “control” a person attempts to exert over another is valid.

Personally, I feel that when someone works to correct or “rebuke” me, especially without all the facts and knowledge of my situation, I owe them no explanation. The “guilty until proven innocent” mentality is alive and well in our society today.

Manipulation. Control. Power. Domination. Someone must pay. Someone must suffer for something. This is hyper-prevalent in our churches. I’ve been calling this behavior the “Sin Police.” Arrogant, pseudo-pious folk who go on missions to call people out. The pious determine to rub people’s noses in how they live their own lives. Many times, these people did nothing wrong, at least from their life-view.

I experienced a tremendous chuckle in a conversation yesterday, when I was told that “someone was potty-trained at gunpoint.” Now that’s even better than the term “Sin Police.” Judgementalism and inquisition are not fun topics. But the jocularity of considering the phrase “potty-trained at gunpoint” could conceivably explain these people’s need and/or desire to bully into people’s lives with high-handed criticisms and judgments.

Today presents a great time to poke a little poetic fun at overly judgmental people who apparently want everyone to be as miserable as they’ve been since they were:

Potty-Trained at Gunpoint

It must have put a squelch on your glee
To stare down that barrel if you didn’t go pee.
The trauma caused would ripple effect
As you walked through life a potty-defect.

Somewhere inside there must be some scorn
Sensibilities and emotions rent and torn
Someone else must step up and pay
For you to have been potty-trained that evil way.

You worked hard and studied all of your rules
Excelled through classes in the finest of schools
Learned the law with vigor and grit
All because that gun made you …

Now you’re in power and must wield its fear
No grace is desired unless there’s a tear
Because you reside in your own little kingdom
But all you’ve become is another sad ding dong…

So parents, beware of the trap
Don’t get so wired over all of that crap.
You may have to answer to self-righteous jerks
Don’t breed more, we’ve seen how that works!