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This evening I stroll through Positive Land. This may be a land of make believe these days, but I like to think it exists. Surrounding oneself with positive people can be a very challenging experience. Learning how to do this can be a very challenging experience. Simply desiring to do this with all the negativity flowing can be a very challenging experience.

The negative flow of our world is like a tsunami. It carries the masses with it, bouncing them around at its chaotic whim. The really odd thing about all this is that, just like a real-world tsunami, not far away exists a peaceful, unblemished place where all is well. Positive Land.

Sometimes Positive Land exists in only moments, like under a midnight moon, or just before the last eyelid-flutter of sleep, or in a stanza of a song. Positive Land is elusive in our world today. Those who practice finding this special place reap the benefits of being able to skirt the ill opinions of others.

Day Eleven of National Poetry Writing Month and the eleventh of thirty straight days of poems. Whew! I’m searching for a poetic topic with less than two hours before midnight…looks like Positive Land wins, eh?

Positive Land

I remember barefoot days
Dew-dipped grasses and Popsicle smiles
Tree-climbing daredevils
Bike-riding songs and swings to the clouds

Walks at midnight in poetic dreams
Mists in the mountains and a lover’s kiss
Winding country roads, all leading home
Autumn leaves splashing color on a melancholy heart

Surreal thoughts on the verge of sleep
Mystified mind at life’s wandering ways
Giddy elations and waterfall bliss
Playful pastimes with participant winners

Positive Land may elude our days
Hide when we seek, delay our arrival
Until surprise and glee clasps our hands, and
We twirl once more in circles – together again.