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Day 14 of National Poetry Writing Month. Contained herein will be the 14th poem written this month. One a day. How tough can it be to write a poem? Sometimes quite. Granted the word count is not huge, but the word CHOICE can drive one mad.

I think I’ll use a poetry prompt again this evening. Is that like a lifeline or something? This evening’s prompt is to write a poem alternating between one syllable words and two. Here goes…

Syllabic Struggles

One tiny tick clicking high overhead
Mind rested well atop the bunkbed
A hollow type feeling crept inside
The midnight moon follows pasts decried

My heavy heart rises all leaden,
I wonder where, okay, it’s headin’
To wander past sleepless nights inane?
To proffer me waking quite insane?

No, only to nestle in softness and insight
So tonight time describes thoughts inflight
To waken my mindset this pre-dawn
In refresh mode choosing life anon


Now that was way too much work for my tired brain…