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Good things come to those who look, those who step forward into positive traction. Getting to the point of positive traction though, can bring on any number of challenges.

I believe in coaching. Personal coaching. Life coaching. Business Coaching. Why? Because I’ve seen it work within me.

Crawling out of oppressive negativity is tough. I don’t care if the negativity is self induced, environmental, institutional, or forced upon you, once you sell yourself to this dark side of life, shaking off its effects becomes a gauntlet. When you’re faced with all the above, the gauntlet stands as a daunting task you feel unable to master.

Coaches, good coaches, help you see what you cannot. When negativity envelops nearly your entire life, all you know is the sapping of energy, ambition, and peace among quite a few other things.

Today’s poem is for all the great coaches out there who help us to realize our potential by tapping into the positive, good sides of our selves. They also help us to step aside from negativity. Most of the time, to engage with negativity is to suffer.

Ode to My Coach

Free your life and free your mind
From limits you place on yourself.
See possibilities and seize your time
Relegate negativity to its proper shelf.

Reinvent. Begin your journey
Discover your values, your heart, your mind.
Step away from life’s cruel tourney
And into your world draped true and kind.

Accept your help along the way
From those who desire your higher good.
Adopt your mindset as here to stay
Let positivity’s power be understood.

Those who judge you own no power
They simply live to be deceived
When you step from under their tower
Your freedom’s siege will be relieved.

To those who help us escape our tethers
Who assist our steps into our goals and dreams
Thank you for standing with us while we weather
Trials and doubts and frustration screams.

We learn to live with our self-limiting beliefs
But we may also learn to jettison
Assistance brings on much relief
Our dreams are alive, what a great lesson!!!

I’ve had three awesome coaches so far. If you’ve experienced coaching and this resonates with you, feel free to share this with them or let them know. Coaches sometimes have to tell us some tough truths, but in the end, when done well, we step into our futures confident and at ease with each coming moment.