Day seventeen of National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) is seeing me get my daily poem up with mere moments to spare. Yes, I waited until the last minute. I am so glad I wrote this yesterday while sitting on a park bench on the intercoastal!

I’m Still Finding My Way

I’m still finding my way
Death’s called three times
Someone said no
I don’t know why

Others are more than happy to though
Tell me why, that is
Maybe I don’t want to know
Maybe I’m afraid to spoil the surprise

Maybe I don’t want the pressure.
Outrageous expectations.
Commands and controls.
Infringements on my creativity

I hear the naysayers ballyhooing
Dolts with their personal visions of hell for me
Pavements laid with some’s good intentions.
Laid with other’s domineering need for control.

I’m still finding my way
Listening to absurd judgments
Learning to understand some people’s need to control God
Never quite getting it…

I’m still finding my way
Much to the chagrin of controllers
More insistent on how I live my life
Than they are on their own.

This I’ve learned so far
Trust your best self in all situations
Move to your next moment
Rinse and repeat

I’m still finding my way…