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When things run tough and you struggle to function on basic levels, peace can be quite the elusive beast. The truth, though, stands that the elusiveness is not with “peace” itself, but your perception of peace and how to attain it.

A wise, wise friend told me of peace and joy in some of the most war-torn areas in the world. How can this be unless peace truly comes from within? External factors may affect our views of how to approach a peaceful, joyful life, but the answers appear rooted within our own hearts and souls.

Peace is an Inside Job

Fog-filled days and nights of struggle
Adversaries real and imagined
Woes enough to crush a dozen souls
All fall limp before the heart that pursues inner peace

Circumstances roll beyond our control
Relationships explode in towering agony
Finances crumble like sandcastles to high tides
Yet peace will blanket all when called upon in pure motive

Peace is an inside job
Which calls many to struggle, for their superficial lives are
Unable to reach deep within due to lack of practice,
Until one moment, in one day, they finally “get it.”

Peace is an inside job
No more a mountain than a thought
No more a challenge than a soulful yearning
No more an impossibility than a desire