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Storm CloudsThere are days of sunshine, days of rain, days of snow. Each owns its own pleasures and delights. In Florida, sunshine is the predominant weather. Sunshine and heat.

Today’s NaPoWriMo poem is number twenty-one in twenty-one days. This has been quite the challenge as I’ve had to scramble for internet connection this past week. Wifi and cell phones are lifesavers!

I love rain. I love thunder and lightning. I love the passion of a storm. I also love snow. Snow storms are amazing entities. They should be savored and enjoyed along with hot chocolate a warm, crackling fires.

Just as the Florida heat kicked up its summer fury (yes, it is only April), a three day rain event has tamped down the heat. I’m going to appreciate every single pitter-patter I hear…

Rain is Beautiful

Lives peppered by sun and rain,
Much of it tangible, emotional, imagined.
Peaks and valleys sprint through our days
Much of it manufactured, accidental, serendipitous.

Trials strut either as domineering soul crushers
Or gracefully glide as positive buoys to our heart
Just as the rain that falls every so often
Reflects aggravation at interruption or the beauty of life and growth