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I’m looking forward to my more sporadic poetry writing. This idea of writing a poem every day gets taxing. Right now, just living is taxing. Each day I chase down wifi hotspots from which to work. While this is fresh and new, the experience can be vexing. Especially since I want to complete this NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) challenge of a poem a day for thirty days..

Stormy days remain in place. I love it. Nothing like overcast weather to bring out the writing muse. Washing dishes today, I cleaned a blackened pot used on many past camping trips. Interesting how the mundane may spur good memories…

Memory’s Tune

Vistas stretch beyond viewing eyes
Following the mind, soaring cluttered skies
Blue and tattered by white fluffy clouds
Horizon collecting in grey puffy shrouds

Morning hike to mountaintop peak
Views too majestic for the words we speak
Storm brewing behind without notice or care
Until hail pelts feet, torso, and hair.

Full-bore run down steep, rivered trails
Rushing, near frozen, faces turned pale
Escaping the torrent, adventure in bloom
Fear tickling the heart of potential doom.

At last off the mountain in record time
Car heater blowing relief sublime
Crazy hail storm in the middle of June
Now just simply memory’s tune…