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So. What do we write for NaPoWriMo today? No really. I’m asking you! I’m hungry, and I need something quick! Nothing like the need for food to motivate you, eh?

I’ve started and deleted three attempts at today’s poem. Poet’s block. That’s what it is! Hmmm. I teach writers to simply write through writer’s block, so I should simply wax poetic to get through poet’s block. Right?

Here goes…

Stepping Into the Light

Your eyes never caress me like a lover
They stab me like a cornered thief
Days of blue skies and blue heart
Pour into nights of silence. Cold resolve.

Yet every soul who strolls this earth
Chooses where and when their feet may fall
Upon lighter, happier, song-filled times
Stroking back the curtain, revealing sunshine and joy