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Ah yes, NaPoWriMo sails closer to its finality for this year, thirty days and thirty poems on the brink of fading into history. Teaching yourself the discipline of writing every day brings its rewards. The unabashed creativity – once allowed – delivers surprises and self enlightenment. Sometimes, the package is whimsy…

The Eyes Have It

Slip a glance into the blue
Swim precious moments in a sea of azure sparkles
Laughter and concern light the daylight
An unavailable world wrapped behind the window.

Enigmas dance our lives
Puzzles created, darting in and out of awareness
Questions seated within the inquisitor
Answers imbedded in one and the same.

An ambiance, bluer in the eye of the beholder
Rosier as well
Adorable in its promise of playfulness
A pretty world deliriously scrumptious within its universe