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Day 28 in the National Poetry Writing Month Challenge. Technically I’ve already written 28, not counting the following, because I postedu two in one day. I

I’m writing an iPhone Phollie today. In order to qualify as an iPhone Phollie, I must be out on my bicycle and writing peacefully and openly with my inner muse. Waterfront Park here on florida’s intercostal waterway is a lovely mood setting location.

NaPoWriMo has reminded me that writing takes time (duh). Time to soak into the writing mindset. Time to allow myself to live through my words. Time to craft word selection, even if the words are posted without edit.

As I continue my trek to a positivity infused life, my hope is that the writing will reflect a more hopeful tone. Stepping out of the darkness of negativity may be the most difficult undertaking I’ve ever attempted. What I’ve learned so far is that seeking out positive oriented people is key.

Addressing and identifying negativity is important, as is delivering hope. The insidious nature of negative, controlling people is that often their attacks are subtle, even to the point of their being unaware of what they say.

The only answer to this lies within ourselves. The only way to overcome negativity, control, manipulation, etc, is to be independent of the good opinion of others, love yourself, and develop the strength to walk away. Engagement only brings more strife.

Enough of that. Breathe in the good, exhale the bad, this is the best day you ever had, because, every little cell is alive and well!

The Times of Our Lives

Summer apples, plump and juicy
Dripping off trees like round, edible diamonds
Tingle-skin hide and seek
Spent wishing to be hidden with the fuel behind your rapid heartbeat

Daylight bike tag and the object of your affections
Too beautiful to approach, too painful to leave
Full moon walks with starry-eyed dreams
Love-confusion swirled throughout a topsy turvy heart

Soft caress breezes on a spring day of change
Where life threatens to bloom into self propelled satisfaction
Silence of the rustling world more at peace in its bustle
Than the most languid, gentle electronic entertainment.

These are the times of or lives
Outside the constant critique of others
Where inner discovery trumps all competition
Where inner embrace delivers what the world promises but fails to give

These are the times of our lives
Soft soothing swirling wind cools summer sweat
Intrusions of sighing lungs and hair-whipped smiles
Cherished in their moments

Why may we not grasp these moments forever?
Temporal life befuddles us, for
Sadness and pain dwell easily for lifetimes.

Oppressiveness curls our hearts like an evil viper
While joy and love fly fleet-footed through our days
Wisps of fancy and delight
Sought from the domination a of recalcitrant despair

Stretch for the times of your life.
Strive to retain every smile, every whim, every lift of the soul
For in this life they exist as more treasures than precious metals
As their rarity of persistence places them in the realm of dreams

Embrace the times of your life
As each moment encapsulates a priceless beat of your heart
Apply the knowledge and memory of these times a salve to everyday life
Revive your smile, your joy, your peace…