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Rainy Day Tree ShotThe day delivered a moment of muse. So often as a writer, my desire to create exceeds my mood or internal compass. Then slips in the moment where alignment coalesces and the “muse” visits. What emerges fromf these rendezvous’ is never a certain thing, but always desired, if for no other reason than the knowledge that the muse still resides within…

Two poems today, just because I could not stop myself…

Questions Questioned…

Questions haunt.
Questions find answers.
Questions invade personal space.
Questions used as weapons suck.
Questions own their place and time.
Questions find curiousness a complete, delicious smorgasbord.
Questions try to force good hearts to defense.
Questions often say more about a person than answers.
Questions used well open up entire worlds of open possibilities.


Capacities to love beyond poetry’s dark dances –
Soul window’s glittered, smiling, precocious eyes
Chase emotions swirled ’round within,
Perplexed by reinventive desires and change.

Love enjoys living, specifically in this moment.
An unquestioned trust, free as a summer breeze
An enigmatic smile that wafts contagious
An eloquent touch that means nothing and everything at once.

Capacities to live beyond poetry’s dark dances –
Thrummed heart’s cry to freedom. Unfettered. Wobbled legs.
Baby steps at an aged experience,
Perplexed by reinventive desires and change.

Life enjoys living, specifically in this moment.
The moment you spend reading this.
The moment you allow yourself to note a leaf fluttering
The moment you feel your breath rise and fall.

Capacities to “be” beyond poetry’s dark dances –
Turmoiled spirit’s release of tension, if merely fleeting,
Relaxation enough to seize the day
Perplexed by reinventive desires and change

Existence enjoys living, specifically in this moment.
Birds flirting noisily in soft spring rain
Cadences gently alluding to water’s freefall
Clouds nestled together in shades of gray – and white…