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RainRainy day poems may end up anywhere. Rainy day poems with a heavy heart tend to go a bit dark. Rainy day poems with a heavy heart and a four-day continuing rain event will often go a bit dark.

So what does “dark” mean? Everyone has their dark place, even though some won’t fess up to it. These days I wrestle with writing anything overtly dark because our world appears engulfed by darkness.

Then I look at how we flee reality. Again, I can only speak of here in the States, but I’m sure this is a human malady. We flee to our entertainments (guilty), our cravings (guilty), our lusts – not just sex folks – (guilty), and we miss out on the exhilarating aspects of simply being alive in this world.

When we embrace the moment, each moment, we actually manifest our greatest potential. Whether that moment is a simple appreciation of breath, sight, taste, smell, touch, love, sadness, joy, does not matter. Appreciating each step, I mean literal step, we take throughout our day should be of profound importance.

Humans struggle to live in the moment. All of us. Without exception. Unfortunately, few teach us this invaluable asset to our lives. We learn math and science, even the arts, but who teaches us to cherish and savor each moment we exist on this earth?

There are many who teach this, we simply do not hear their voices. Stop today. If it’s raining (like here), enjoy and value the beauty of rain and what it delivers to life. If you’re bathed in sunlight, revel in its warmth. Snow? Embrace its ethereal silence and stunning beauty. Realize the day will come when you will no longer see this moment.

I say, seize not the day, but the moment. Pursue the moment with all passion and fervor and reverence you can muster. Even in your reveries, cherish the fact you own them. In your excitements for the future, thrill in that moment of hope and joy. Yes, even in your despair, realize you still think, breath, and feel which means you own hope, regardless of the bleakness of your situation. And when you weep, embrace that moment as well so that when you set it free, joy and peace may fill your life.

Seize your moments today with an energy and focus, renewed and invigorated.

Mortality’s Sieve

I weep with the world around me
Rain that parallels the waking world
Storms in my heart that mimic the trees
Dancing and bowing to the violent breeze

I weep with the world around me
Even though this world often knows not it weeps –
Specters of death and sadness hidden low
Underneath our distractions and reticence to know

I weep with the world around me
Solemn tears reflecting heaven’s deluge
Battles within to learn and adapt
Heart so weary, distraught, rapt

I weep with the world around me
We who seldom understand our truths
Through self-righteous, belligerent confidence
When cockiness and arrogance defines our offense

I weep with the world around me
Solemnity the vice that transports my soul
To at least view for the moment the life at hand
To at least know the moment of our last stand

I weep for the world around me
Caught up in its petty pursuits
Denying the breath of the moment “now”
Frivolous searching for the simpleness of how

I weep with the world around me
For my uncountable lost moments of now
For our collective amnesias of when we live
Forgetfulness that we possess “nows” to give

Each day we own finite moments to live
Each day we hold tight what we really should give
Each day our lives flow through mortality’s sieve
I weep with the world around me.