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When smiles trip like a playful spring brook.
When eyes light up like a summer diamond glint.
Took a moment to make the vision mine,
Borrowed some pages from Father Time.

When laughs ricochet like a pinball gone wild.
When affection burns cool like a focused dream.
Took a glance down the back roads of my heart,
To see what all that means.

Is there life to hold?
Is there love, if cold?
Will there be another face?
Will there be another another time?
Can anyone take my hand?

And thoughts rain down like a gaggle of ghosts
As I lay in the silence of my bed’s morning tomb.
And I look to the light of a new dawning day
As I see all too clear that we gave it away
For arrogant pride and the crown to hold sway
Over nothing that’s grasped…
But the wisp of the wind.

When the heart travels trails intertwining love’s trees.
When the soul stirs itself on life’s tumbling breeze.
Took a moment to glance at mysteries unfolded
And examine the manners for which we are scolded.

Is there any hope?
Is there any dream?
Will there be another breath?
Will there be another sigh?
Will I take my own hand?

And thoughts rise up like evaporating cares
As I stroll through my mornings more clearly aware
And I realize this life was never meant to be crushed
For other’s control and obsessions of judgment
And my fears whisk away…
On the wisp of the wind