What the heck is that post title? “Hail Overt Perseverance Explorations?” At Toastmasters this evening, our Table Topics theme was “Hope.” I doodled around in case I received the call to speak.

Table Topics, for those who are uninitiated, is when a speaker is asked to speak on a topic for one to two minutes – off the cuff. An experienced Toastmaster will pay attention to a theme and grab a little edge before being called upon. The selections of who will speak is random. Most times, at least in our club, there is not a running theme in Table Topics. But when there is, I like to be ready!

The first person called up spoke for one minute and twenty-nine seconds. As luck would have it, since I’d prepared something catchy on the fly while that person spoke, the Table Topics master did not call on me. 😦

I figured I might as well use it in my blog post this evening. Here’s what I scribbled while the first speaker took a crack at the topic…

Hail Overt Perseverance Explorations

Hail all trials with a ready heart and
Overt smiles belying optimism while
Perseverance of positivity combines with
Explorations of experience to deliver the prize.

Not too bad for dreaming up in a minute and twenty-nine seconds…