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Potato_heart_mutationWoke up this morning with ‘taters on the brain. Well, more like poetry, but I realized I had not completed a challenge of using “potato” in a poem yet. Not the easiest thing to do unless you write a limerick or humorous poem.

Not wishing to do either with this challenge, I cam up with the following:

Life Paths

Bigger games and small potatoes
Life walks paths, it’s what has made us
The people we stand as today

Dragon dreams – cold reality
Life skips paths, we see alchemy
When we should simply give our thanks

Bigger dreams and small potatoes
Life ends paths, begins us new ones
Shall we stroll simply self-secure?

I wrote three other poems, but you won’t see them on this post! They’ll be uploaded at 8:00am each of the next three days. Hey, it’s a blog and fresh material daily counts, right?