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This poem’s composition comes via the song Ordinary Fool sung so eloquently by Karen Carpenter. I decided to include the song for those unfamiliar with the tune. When writing poetry off the meter of a song, the reader does not really need to know the song.


Many, if not most, poems are written with a meter imbedded into them. A certain syllable count that crafts the words into a type of rhythm. Often I write free verse poetry which won’t adhere so much to meter, but of late, I’ve enjoyed the exercise.

Now if I can just get away from the song influencing some of the writing…lol!

Dreaming Blue

Just dreaming here
With sad intention
Day breaking droll and so dark

Just dreaming here
With life before me
Seems like I’m doomed, torn apart

There’s a point where I must learn
Seems there’s stones I’ve left unturned
I shouldn’t try, but I do
Like a dreamer when he’s gone
Sitting lost and alone with his heart

Just dreaming here
Hope stands before me
Stretching her chattels my way

Just dreaming here
My soul reviving
Tipped-over-thoughts and the blues

Missed the road, I should have turned
Another lesson I’ve learned
Walk away when you get up
Like a fighter when he’s lost
Nothing left but pay his living dues