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SunA quick return to writing free verse without the rhythms of meter.


Where does brilliance lie?
Words spill off fingers like frenetic dogs
In search of meaning and resonance
Completion their thoughtless  goal

Each word seeks truth. Fulfillment.
Many miss the mark like raindrops off roofs
Unable to penetrate the grail of enlightenment
Falling and failing in their noble quest

Humanity peppers the earth like rabid ants
Squirming and engulfing this world with chaotic energy
Piling up progress on the bones of predecessors
Only to find we lost our souls along the way.

So much bombastic diatribes as to who owns truth
So little observance of the few truths we find
So much pain and death and blame as to overwhelm
So little peace to be found because someone must be right.

In the end, where truly does brilliance lie?
In the heart of benevolent, positive people?
I hope not, as these stalwart souls are trampled daily
For the shame of those who must be right.

Brilliance lies outside our grasp
Fleeting awareness of its presence a tease
A taunt thrown our way to distract our intellect
Which will always fail in light of our arrogance

Yes, brilliance flees our fingers and tongues
While playing hide and seek with our primitive minds
Minds that have convinced themselves they know so much more
But in reality have lost the essence of truth – and brilliance…