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StormStorm Child

No “any shelter in a storm” life
Faux fire masking the cold within
Faux fire disguising the warmth within
Fear stumbles, loneliness sirens, confidence confusions

Friend searches weary the soul
Do we ever truly learn, or
Do we still touch hot pans on occasion?

Relationships begin, sustain, end within yourself
The storm of your own making
The tolerance or embrace or rejection of imperfection
The margin of pain, comfort, joy your barometer

Certain weather patterns fare intolerable
While others appear deceptively calm
While even others track the lifelong paths
While we stand outside avoiding any shelter syndrome

Many hide from the storm within
Lost souls playing distraction games
Lost souls denying their own truths
Lost souls with no energy to break out of ruts

Sojourners search for grails that don’t exist
Not in the idealistic heart
Not in the faux perfection of perception
Not in being dependent on others’ good opinion

Weary travelers eventually seek shelter
Willing their lives to improve
Willing their wounds to heal
Willing to step once again into visual temperatures…