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Beach SilhouetteSilhouette

Glanced at the sea and I looked around
Scuffled through sand and sat me down
And I saw my stark sadness
In the curled, whitecap waves
My silhouette shed no tears

Clouds passing by know no love
Other than tender eyes turned above
Will I walk lonely beaches all my life
Will I succumb to fate’s pounding tides
My silhouette made no sound

Well, I’ve been hell bent on changing
Because I’d believed far too many lies
Time’s made life colder, depression gets bolder
And passion’s getting older too
My silhouette felt no pain

So, my silhouette, he sat me down
He spoke of life without a sound
Said if I’ll only step up and embrace my life
If I’ll simply enjoy each breath through strife
Then each path I walk, he’ll step with me
…maybe then I won’t feel so alone…