A Kiss

I dream of strolling soft, romantic pathways
I long for times of giddy laughter
I savor the slightest touch of a loving finger
The linger of a gentle kiss
These are the moments I miss

I dream of chiffon flowing white dresses
Heartfelt, loving caresses,
I savor thoughts of cares thrown to the wind
Simple breaths of whispered companionship
Swirled with blue skies and a lover’s kiss

I crave the breeze, waltzing jubilant trees
I cherish each moment spent in love
I savor affection like the rarest of experience
Sprinkled throughout life like merry markers
To remind how seldom we kiss

I treasure each moment, precious as any worldly prize
I long for all incredible creative endeavor
I gaze into life a willing participant
Caught up in the insane beauty of conscious existence
Culminated with lips on the precipice of a kiss

A kiss is the stroke of a lilting finger tracing nothing on a chest
A kiss is the gentle word spoken in love for no apparent reason
A kiss is a phone call just because…
A kiss is a smile of knowing life means nothing without its existence
A kiss is a glance of gratitude for the smallest of good deeds
A kiss is shared laughter about our own foolhardiness
A kiss is sharing ice cream
A kiss is passion manifest
A kiss is the most gentle, gossamer touch, silken chiffon for the soul
A kiss is delectable, delicious, delightful, delicate
A kiss is a dream realized, culminated, completed, created yet again
A kiss is a tear shared
A kiss is passion simmered, boiled, exploded, nurtured, caressed
A kiss is pain sweet as the most honeyed breath
A kiss is loneliness burst, annihilated, destroyed, reborn too often in absence
A kiss is release that refills with need
A kiss is the elixir of life, lending us hope, desire, ambition, romance, affection…

A kiss misused is plastic, relationship-withering, dead leaves in the corner of life.

For want of a kiss we live…and die…