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The one sentence poem. Peggy Miller introduced me to this concept at a writer’s conference two years ago. This is the second one I’ve constructed. A most interesting approach to poetry writing. The idea is to run the poem over ten lines long but keep it one ongoing sentence…

Reinvention of a Life

A semi-retired dancer’s first steps into the social world of the living,
tilted, like stepping into a world of jello with four hundred pound boots,
tripping and sticking on a vibrating street of foreign colors and
jarringly liquidish landscapes to music that clanks against memories of softer times,
all pummeling downhill in a stumbling, bumbling, breakneck disaster of a waltz
through surreal shades of darkness until, for the briefest of moments,
a smile brightens life and hope and sets the universe straight for frozen seconds of reprieve,
only to falter again in the premature adventure of re-learning to breathe,
despite the rules of engagement demanding suffering had not been paid in full
and the lifeline clung to for the briefest of moments had to lose purchase with
fingers thirsty for embrace but capturing only phantom dreams of romantic reality
while the free fall of a life tumbles to its inevitable collapse into the unavoidable oblivion and redemption of reinvention.