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dark beach bwFinite

A deserted beach where waves form lines of confusion in the sand
Stories of life and death washed ashore like someone’s garbage
A body of work undisciplined and without soul
Searching for relevance in a chaotic and heartless world.

Like the ruins of a house with nothing remaining but the chimney
Stones of emptiness – hollow, forgotten memories
Our lives falter and crumble to the effects of time
Falling silent into history with but a whisper that we ever existed.

Strolling the halls of time and corporal space
Is like visiting the haunted graveyards of movie lore –
No amount of whistling can sway the dark truths –
Life’s impermanence affects every breath we take.

To pursue permanence and eternity in our lives
We create cushions of distractions and faiths to
Block our eventual decent into the bleak night of death
Sacrificing joy and peace available in the moments we possess.