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UniverseWhere Does Life Begin?

Don’t we all search for meaning?
Everyone whispers THEIR answers deep inside.
Everyone shouts their muted screams at the world.
Everyone feels the tickle deep down that says “this isn’t real.”

Yes, everyone knows their answers.
For those who tarry a moment –
Those who stare into their own soul –
Those who search for more than money, religion, God, peace

What truly defines our lives?
How many millions queried this throughout the ages?
Their silence fell as hard then as now.
Few admit there lies little in this life beyond faith.

So whose faith holds sway?
Whose faith defines truth?
Religion publishes itself as little more than masqued soldiers
Militant in its makeup regardless of its peaceful claims.

Ever noticed that?
Death as the focal point of all religions?
They all claim supremacy and THE answer.
They all close their minds off to deviation.

So, life begins at conception?
Life begins at birth?
Or does life begin with the realization
Of self-actualization?

May we find our answers within?
Do we truly need the input of others’ propaganda?
Will our pathetic, individualistic attempts at enlightenment
Fall any shorter than mass religions’ harpy calls?

One definition of “harpy” stands as “a greedy, predatory person.”
Greed manifests itself in many guises.
Power. Control. Lust for money, flesh, dominance.
Compare and contrast the definition with organized religions – I dare you.

Predatory personalities misuse their positions of authority
They slave at mesmerizing people lost in their own confusion,
Who willingly fall in line,
So much easier to let someone else paint the picture.

What about those who turn the page?
What about the library of existence as more powerful than the book?
The book owning more meaning than the chapter?
What about all the souls living only on a page?

Life looms larger than any conceptualization we could ever imagine
Life means less than we could ever debase
Perceptions of reality skewed as the next person’s innermost self
Snowflakes all holding similar patterns with an overall calamity of dysfunction.

Where do the big questions go for answers?
Where does all this emotion, spirituality, and conjecture blossom?
When will revelation strike us down with its absurd simplicity of omnipotence?
Most likely where life begins…

…or ends.