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This poem was written at the beach. Sometimes setting will influence the word choices, although I don’t see a lot of that here other than the first line… This poem sprung from a writing prompt, “slips of paper” and went a far from paper as I could imagine. I struggled to find a title…

Elusive Harmony

Daylight muse of glistening waves
Hearken memories of pristine days
Spent laughing about our sillier ways
To glide our lives in harmony.

Paper slips, pink and yellowed,
Sad times, merry rhymes, breathing mellowed,
Winds of change often bellowed,
Our lives may never see harmony.

Older brains and winding trains
Of thoughts mixed with November rains
Filling reminisces of familiar strains –
Songs to lure us to harmony.

Daylight muse will sometimes follow
Wistful remembrances less than hollow
Younger days, ambitious and callow
About finding familiar harmony.