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MidnightMoonIf I Were Not Me

If I were not me
Fears fall as useless tethers…
Morning’s sunshine cleanses my soul…
Tears define nothing less than joy…

If I were not me
My hand shares another’s on moonlit midnight strolls
Cicadas’ songs whisper life’s reverie
Strength oozes from every thought

If I were not me
Love touches the air I breathe
Eyes drink in only the finest life offers
Beauty in the snail, the tree, the sky, the soul

If I were not me
Freedom serenades so soft
Leaves flutter to the tune and
Revels in a midnight moon

If I were not me
I could live my life –
A life I dream each living moment…
A life I know could reach the heavens…

If I were not me
I could see none of this
Aspire only from another perspective
Dream only in another heart

If I were not me
For good or ill, existence would lose
For what “I” could there be
If not for me?

If I were not me
Reminiscent of too many days
Lived in dissonance
Seeking resolution

If I were not me
Striving for peace within would
Take a sinister turn
As my confusion would stand indecipherable

If I were not me –
Challenging beliefs –
I would be herded, unthinking,
Into the useless oblivion of history

We each own opportunity to write our stories on this life
We each possess a voice of some magnitude
We each purchased our views with every moment lived
We each earned the “I” we’re willing to be…