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Darkened street 3I’ll only live once
Days and nights ticked off in a spinning wheel
of images and emotions and smells and tastes and sounds –
And touch, like the velvet caress of pressed lips .

I’ll only live once
With passions, perturbations and desires,
either set in motion or denied, not by others,
but my own foolhardy whims of some sense of what’s right.

I’ll only live once
If that ‘once’ carries me to affectionate plains
better served by action and endeavor,
may it be that I seize the fortitude to overcome internal fears.

I’ll only live once
Within this fleeting life, too short to tarry on decorum
when kindness from the heart serves much better the needs of this life,
the needs of the one, and the needs of the many.

I’ll only live once
I’ll leave faith issues to the billions who wish to fight over the unseen
while I make the most of what is here and now and keep peace with MY faith,
For that is all we ever have in this life – our personal moments.

I’ll only live once
If that ‘once’ externally is devoid of the kind words and deeds I feel inside,
may I claim no truth within, nor to the world about me,
Other than the fact I failed to fulfill myself.

You only live twice
Or so it’s said about our waking moments and our dreams,
yet why must we consider life and dreams separate
when the true test of our lives occurs within our control?

I’ll only live once.
Make my life the dream of stating “you were gorgeous last night” along with
the dream of smelling summer rain, feeling the sting of a tear on my cheek
or embracing laughter – free and uninhibited.

I’ll only live once
Therefore, my task rises to decipher perceived obstacles
as signposts leading me to inner truths that beckon
from dark, murky ends of moonless, unrevealed streets.

I’ll only live once
Therefore, I require strength beyond what I may fathom,
passion released into my soul, and love.
Love fed through my heart – delivered to those who stroll my life…

especially me.