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Tuesday evening, July 16, 2013 I enjoyed the pleasure of hearing this poem read at The Inspired Mic in Flagler Beach, Florida. The author, Becky M. Pourchot, mesmerized with her live reading. She claims poetry is not her forte, but as you will momentarily, she indeed owns a poetic heart.

Recently I contemplated what a “guest blogger” would look like in terms of content. When I heard this poem read, I felt a “tug” whispering in my creative ear. This is a poem I’d love people to read. Speaking to Becky after the event, I asked if she would consider allowing me to post Neptune’s Seduction on Poetry in Black and White.

So here it is. Make sure you stop by Becky’s author site, Becky Pourchot and check out her books. Cool stuff!!

 Ocean Wave 1Neptune’s Seduction

Becky M. Pourchot

His silver call has beckoned me for days,

whispering with heavy breath…

“Come…come…dance deep with me…”

I have gone too long without his wild roar

reminding me of

who I really am.

So on this morning I step

hot foot upon hot foot

ignoring the asphalt’s heeded call

and rush my way past the tumble of cars,

down the steps into the sand

and there

I find him waiting

like he always has been…

knowing I would come.

I move forward, eager and deliberate.

Without hesitation I step in and let

his cool darkness succumb me

his liquid kisses winding around me

ravaging my soul.

Within moments

Neptune’s wild strength

Moves from delicate to wild

With a forceful push he pounds and thrashes,

his feral grasp

pushing and pulling

in a churning spill of worried ecstasy.

Then with one swell he moves above me

Encompassing everything I am.

I do not resist, but instead

dive down deep

completely immersed in my very own being.

I am lost and found within him

Outside, above, and below.

Limitless and unreal.

I find the surface,

stand tall, and exhale, exhausted

washed raw in the ocean’s divine joy.

Pulling back my hair I smile,

turn and slowly walk to shore,

my body spent and calm.

And though his frothy fingers grab at my ankles

begging me for more,

I continue,

with consciousness towards home,

listening to his whispering calls,

“Come…come….dance deep with me.”

I just nod and smile knowing

he will be waiting

like he always has…

Pushing me forward into ecstasy