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In the course of writing, a lot goes on in one’s mind. We think reality is a label placed on the world by the agreement of billions of other people, but what if reality is as stated in “The Four Agreements” from ancient Toltec wisdom.

In reading the first couple chapters yesterday, I decided to create my own reality. We all share this “dream” we call life. We all make certain “agreements” about reality, yet each of our views of reality differ. Maybe not in huge ways, although this is often the case, but like snowflakes, our personal views of reality all possess an individualistic bent.

Here’s something I wrote the other day at the beach. The reality is in my dream. Read “The Four Agreements” to see the significance of the word ‘dream’ in this context. I am anxious to finish the book…

Moonshot 1Things I Did Not Say Last Night

Flower in your hair last night
Exclamation point to your smile,
Your laughter ricocheted around my heart
Your eyes danced through my soul

The compliment of your dress an appealing accent
Lovely in its sartorial essence
Paled by the light of your radiant face
My eyes could resist neither

The purgatory plaguing this life
Nearly too much to bear
My mind traces the contour of last night’s smile
Which elicits dreams of landing kisses there.