hLate Lesson

Words you whispered in my dream
A plea to the unsaid at eighteen
Simple as they may have been
My heart collected them nice and clean

I soared their passion and their tears
Over the lost and lonely years
Due to sentences I never spoke
My torment then? Confidence broke.

While I slept I grew a man
Concepts to embrace and understand
Your plea, simple and eloquent
Rest on the laurels of love unsent

Always there with a ready smile
In my dream I basked awhile
In memory formed from sleep’s soft fog
Held hands and laughed in ethereal bog

I grasped too clearly what you said
If I’d used my heart and not my head
Simply asked you out instead
No corpses, no holocaust, no emotional dead

In the dream we strolled hand in hand
I opened up with my heart’s demand
Awake, still connected with you so free
Your wishful whisper echoed, “Please call me…”