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I bit of pre-poem rambling here. Reading The Four Agreements has assisted in triggering a more comprehensive view of human interaction for me. There resides insights in the writing that resonates within me.

Think of life as a movie theater. Many, if not most, believe we’re all watching the same movie of life together when in actuality, we all live in our own personal movie house. We not only watch our movie of life alone from our perspectives, we also create, write, and direct how our life movie will go based on incomplete knowledge of our world, our perspective, and even our beliefs.

When we live like we are collectively “sharing” life, we skew our perspectives and deny a basic truth – we may only live within ourselves – within our hearts – within our minds. We truly live alone. And we die alone.

I know, I know – religion. I’m not saying I don’t believe in God. I AM saying there is no human alive that knows more than I about life. That person’s view is their life, not mine. At the end of the day, my life, my accumulation of experiences, my pain, my joy, my apathy, my motivation, all stand unique and specific solely to me.

Yes, we cross over and through other lives, and we share snippets of each others experiences, but we still live alone inside ourselves. When we look for answers within others (guilty), we fool ourselves. Learn to like yourself. Love yourself. Help others to do the same. This is a good thing.


I search for joy in the morning sky
Find only mourning to make me cry
Hopeless, billowed clouds roll by
Yet all I do is question why…

We stroll this earth in our private dreams
Alone, we’re born to die.
Each of us write our own life’s screenplay
Enamored, or not, of what we’ve wrought

In our excursion here on earth
We delude ourselves that we live in others
When truth screams from black-hole depth
We truly live within our minds and hearts

Billions of people infected with ego
Thinking we’re whole in other people’s lives
When all we every really do
Is drift in and out of each others aloneness.

I search for truth in the stars at night
Resonance to answer primal plight
Internal chaos blinds my sight
Drives me inward, the direction that’s right…