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It occurred to me as I observed a teenage couple aimlessly walking the street. I’ve wandered paths such as theirs. Many times in fact. Possibly more times than I care to acknowledge.

They walked, searching for answers to questions they cannot yet formulate. Questions of sex. Future. Life. The sad element here is that they may never get to the questions before their answers become determined.

Is that what we do? We exhaust our answers far too early? Would that be premature questionation? I’m not making light of this other than to shed some light on the fact that we most often do not understand the questions we need to ask.

Solutions to situations stand as the most meaningless and shallow of all answers. This scenario helps governments and religions keep control of their most precious commodity – people. As long as both offer surface answer to shallow questions, people fall in line. The “sheeple” syndrome.

My observation stands that most people fear the intense question. They must hide themselves in something they’ve been told. They cannot fathom answers on their own. Why should they? Someone else has done the heavy lifting for them.

Why explore God? Men have controlled religion for millenia. Just fall in line with what they tell you to believe. What they tell you defines faith. What they tell you is the interpretations of life. WTF?

Why not step out and explore answers on your own? Why not take the responsibility for your life on your own shoulders instead of shrugging it off on others? All this from a teenage couple stumbling along through life with no clue that they even have questions to ask.

Is our demise the futility of knowing the answers lie outside our corporal understanding? Is this what strikes the fear in our souls? Is this what drives some to the mindless control of government or religion? Both prove daily their sheer stupidity, folly, and disgusting underbelly, yet the masses fall mindlessly to each camp’s propaganda.

Please be clear here. I’m not identifying any specific religion. My observation is they all devour the essence of humanity and spit out automatons, some heartless to the core, others feigning empathy, and sadly others fraudulently believing what men would have them believe.

As long as religions keep pointing their fingers at others with each theology’s own brand of piety, I will continue to disdain their arrogance. The one place each should be searching, pointing, exploring, examining, is within themselves. The greatest folly is the masses’ predilection to drink the political/religious Koolaid.

Is it any wonder that thousands of years pass and we still slaughter and kill in the name of governments and religion? Each side screaming their claim to correct ideology and righteousness? Who determines these things people? This is not a trick question. Today, it is always another human.


Oh, by the way. This other human knows the right path, not you. This other human knows the right form of government, not you. This other human knows the mind of God himself, not you.

Ever ask yourself why this other human knows better than you? Why they have special insights not afforded to you? They have better minds or connections with God than you? Heaven and hell forbid you stand up and say “enough of your manipulative, money grubbing, controlling ways!” Who are you to say anything other than the company/government/religious line?

You are no less a human than that person claiming to have answers. They understand only what’s been crammed down their own throats by their answers that arrived far in advance of any inkling of the questions.

Damages and intricacies of life get  foisted on unprepared hearts and souls at ages impossibly ill-equipped to even glimpse the questions of life. Then each person determine their answers reactionarily rather than getting there on a truer path.

Question everything another human says. I don’t care how benign it may seem. Expend the effort to get to the questions in your life true to who you are. Refrain from the control of those around you. Understand that control has been a regular staple of life for so many generations throughout history that we’ve bought into more lies than a lifetime can unravel.

Look at who controls our world and how they do it. Look at religions. Look at governments. Look at corporations. Look at media. Look at agenda driven special interests. When you step back, the overwhelming stench of humanity will scald your eyes long before you smell it.

Step back. Get stubborn and regain part of your humanity. Steal sections of your life back from these soul-sucking monstrosities. Allow yourself to be a thinking, feeling human being with just as much perspective available to you as anyone else.

The most sad part of all this is that the masses cannot hear the message. They’re too hyped up on the control factors they suffer under. Reclaim some of your life. Open your eyes. See the lies…

com1-intercoastal-view-2Paths to Nowhere

Feet fold sand in footprint molded moments
Lost to the world before many true steps may form.
Reactions drive what the mind cannot question
Interrogatives fail because the will remains weak.

Paths out of nowhere, to nowhere return
Centuries and millenia blind to what we should ask.
Each controlling power fomenting answers for all
Made up by men whose systems still fail.

Every human strolls scant little time for answers to come
So we fall into line what others have said
Instead of stepping into life with our inquiring mind
Instead of realizing we each have our own.

Our own questions to seek out
Our own answers to refute
Our own lies to unfurl
Our own truths to assail
Our own paths to our summits
Our own trails straight to hell
Our own paths from our hearts
Our own paths to nowhere.