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12759545911R7830Once in  a life
I strolled in a reverie
My heart set songs free
to the winds of the carefree day…

Now, years have passed.
The tolls of this life weigh harsh
Like trudging through briny marsh
I see myself as damaged goods…

Yes, years ago,
I dreamt of a knighted life
Champion of a loving wife
And children to crown my legacy days…

Now, fate has cried,
She’s left me with love that’s died
I see no life inside
Due to all the damaged goods…

Gentleness wins no favor
When dominance is the goal
Everything’s about control
And we die a little more…

Once in my life
Love ruled most every thought
The ideal could never be bought
Only freely given

Now, knives are thrown,
daggers to topple the throne
destruction for everything owned
Right down to the ties that bind…

Is there no peace
No respite from attackers’ release
of constant painful disease
Words of judgment and condemnation

When this day is done
Will the storyline run
That no one again has won
Because only love can decry victory

Now this day is dark
Life fails in long shadows, stark.
Love never gets her spark
To damaged goods pitched to hopeless decline

Once in a life
I strolled in a reverie
I strove to set love free
on the winds of the carefree day

Is love no longer important?
Does gentleness no longer sing?
Can kindness no longer wing
Into the skies of our new-dawned day?

Blame remains all too important
Being right demands its say
Control must hold its sway
While gentle souls perish and die

Just once in this life
When my heart soars the trees
I wish to set love free
And feel it come back to me…