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We all walk this life in myriad dreams. Many stumble through nightmares, one disastrous step after another, with no hope in sight. Others stroll through various levels of joy and pleasure, oblivious to the fact they control very little.

Prisons rarely seem fitting for gentle souls as prisons feed on toxicity, degradation, and lost causes. The truth about prisons, though, fall more insidious on what we call life.

The most heinous prisons of all remain locked within each of us. Prisons of doubt, lack of confidence, beggared belief in our own abilities to succeed, join hosts of other self-limiting views we hold as evidence against our innermost definitions of ourselves.

Our moment in this life will always be now. Our claim to victory or defeat stands constant as a decision we hold close within our minds and hearts. We need only to unlock ourselves, our potential, our ability to love and nurture, our ability to exceed anything we believed possible – for one special moment.

We either build this internal vocabulary of possibilities, or we succumb to the age-old malady suffered throughout the history of mankind – apathy, mediocrity, and hopeless defeat.

We literally turn our hearts on the machine of death, defy its ultimate victory, and strive against its will, or we collapse under the weight of reality-dashed dreams of tomorrows devoid of significance and lives empty of lasting value.

Choice. Each of us possess its power. Each of us control how we use our ultimate tool. Most of us choose doom, many in ways we virtually never see within ourselves.

Like negative self-talk, the internal spoken words no one hears but us. We give into assuming the worst out of others, and more viciously, we assume our own abilities fall short.

Our key to our personal prison will always lie in our dedication to living the life of hope and confidence. We should embrace ourselves as viable. We should hug ourselves as if love were not a question but our only answer. We should seek our own council with a firm grip on the confident knowledge that what we do not know, we will seek rather than flee.

Our most wicked prisons we dwell within each and every day of our lives. We allowed others to help us build these mockeries of who we could be in addition to constructing our own cells of despondent doom.

Walking out remains as simple as one mental foot in front of the other. Simple, truly not easy. Awareness cannot be more critical to our progression out from the bonds that cripple our lives. Disdain the blame game. Debunk the circumstances of life excuses. Free yourself a step at a time each day with the knowledge that most of your prisons stand as self-erected.


Prisons strangle our very breath
Steal our joy and confidence>
Prisons cuff our minds to death
Abscond with our peace, our love, our ecstacy.

Enlightenment will never arrive from without
No circuses of brilliance by wordy old fools
Who would have you believe they know your answers
When all the while theirs lay ravaged within tattered hearts.

Prisons hold us against our will
Most notably by stripping will from our hearts.
Fingers pointed to external devices of life
Fog our minds into the belief we control very little.

Step to your confidence which lies in your action
Grasp your visions which lie in your power
Achieve your dreams which lie in your execution
By walking your words and deeds.

Now is your moment, the time for your action.
Now is your life, the time for your dreams.
Now is your freedom, the price is your willingness
To leave your self-inflicted prisons behind…