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Princess Hope


I’m glad I know a lovely princess
She is my song, my joy and sorrow
Caught in life’s crazy circumstance
Of barren love
No longer served by anyone

I held her in my arms
I heard her whisper “hi”
The time may well have come
To step into the pain
To find a way to live each day again.

Cultivate the freshest feelings
The young man ever knew.
Beneath the chaos
I could grow
And I might start anew

And that’s ok, there’s treasure princes
Always seek to find
And just like always
This prince has ever had
A ‘once upon a time’…

She walks this life in quiet spledor
She fills our world with hope
I see her smiling face
Lovely thoughts and graces
We each could use to cope

And in the end, I see a princess striving dearly to find
That peace of heart
She may lend this world
Something each prince
Should ever, ever need…