Missing You

Silver cars, pass him by
Hope travels somewhere
Love on the ball court
Checks wistfully for the next silver car…


Pasts stand as over-rated measuring sticks
Crumbling relationships before they start
Destroying decades old alliances
Over incidents that took place years before.

The manner a person wears their past
Defines who they strive to be.
The past does not define them
Only crafts their present by their awareness.

Those who cling too tightly to abuses
Fall prey to Past’s cruel repetitions of disasters
Drawing in unsuspecting peripheral people
Warping their world with life views damaged and broken

Pasts stand as sentinels
Harsh guardians without remorse
Leaving each person with their options
“Wear the same clothes or change …

Finding You

Clouds separate, sun spills over the day
Yet you step into this world a surreptitious alien
No fanfare, just a quiet entry into this life
With the most fortunate of souls finding you…