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hLove is the Thief in the Wind…

Love is the thief in the wind
Swirling through life as a mysterious fog
Never quite what she seems
But so much more…

Love is the clever pilferer of time,
Reducing hours together to minutes,
Sneaking moments apart into wistful hours,
Ever producing the desire for more…

Love is the pirate of emotions
Showing up to purloin negativity and abuse
Wiping clean the tired, red eyes of loneliness
Always giving, giving, giving more…

Love is the prowler of the heart
Burgling space like a stock exchange run
Until all that’s left is a massive, burgeoning beat
Dispensing driving rhythms craving more…

Love is the kindly thief in the wind
Forgiven its penchant for dominating thought
Forgiven its abject lack of discretion
Forgiven its voracious appetite for more…