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There are times when you write a poetic paragraph. This one popped out of me the other day and I feel like it needs to see the light of day, even though it does not look like conventional poetry…

M & M KissTumble-Dry Love

Gaining balance when you plunge headlong, head over heels in love forges a near impossibility. It’s like I lay  freezing one instant, then tossed into a dryer surrounded by a gaggle of soft towels that feel safe and nurturing and oh so delicious. The warmth and softness of this place feels so exciting, comforting, and fulfilling, that I don’t desire to step out into the colder world. Love can be like that, tumbling us around in warm soft places. The trick is to step out and forge your life, then dive back into the dryer after a good scrubbing in the washing machine of responsibility.