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twas-a-dark-and-stormy-nightInclement Relationship

Not kind or merciful,
I feel her wrath.
There is no turning back,
She stalks my path.

But I have love to give,
I own a passion.
I see my life in love,
A lovely fashion.

There is no turning back,
She haunts my stride.
My love will hold me dear
So I won’t hide.

When pain is all we own,
Our lives may crumble.
But when love clasps our hand
We may be humble.

Despite the hateful barrage,
Stand in boldness,
Face the enemy onslaught
We thought would mold us.

But love conquers all,
Even the emotionally compartmentalized
And when I grasped this truth,
I’d more strength than I realized.

Inclement relationships,
Unmerciful, unkind.
Need not engage our grip
For the rest of time.

We require only to discover our love,
In our hearts and souls
To fill our lives with joy
And repair the holes.

Thank you M. Marie…