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Heart MoonLove Dances Life

Love dances life like a trickling sunbeam
Fluttering through new leaves on a warm spring morning.
Love dances life like an autumn chill,
Setting the stage for hot chocolate, snuggling, connection.

Love dances life like a cool summer breeze,
Delivering smiles to the heart in carefree bliss.
Love dances life like a snow-painted landscape,
Pristine and sparkling in all its wonder and magic.

Love dances life like a silken kiss,
Gentle, soft, soothing to the soul.
Love dances life like a lover’s moon
Full of promise, amazement, romance and passion.

Mostly, love dances life like the kindred companion
Always present in our hearts, our thoughts, our deeds.
Embrace the dance that sings our songs
Of life, of vitality, of existence, of need.

Be kind to your love and she will dance you inside to places you never knew existed…