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a-kissEverything We Need for Joy

How could the day not shimmer in excitement
How could the stars not twinkle with delight
How could evening shadows not caress the soul
When our lips meet in soft, silent splendor.

How could rain not giggle on rooftops
How could snow not repaint the world in equality
How could the very sun not welcome warmth into the heart
When our eyes greet each other in love.

How could a meadowlark not regale the world in song
How could a child’s laughter not tickle a smile to the lips
How could a breath be so deliciously stolen
When we fall into each others arms in tender embrace

How could we think of one another and not smile
How could we see each other without longing
How could we touch without passion rippling our bodies
Hand in hand we greet life with everything we need for joy…