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Snow October 29, 2012Life is Like Snow…

The thought occurred this day
Life is much like snow.
For all its cold, bitter truths
Pristine beauty lies apparent before us.

What stood untidy in the uncovered light of day
What lay sharp and rusted and strewn about
Clothes itself in soft white splendor
To the eye willing to look past the truth of existence.

Snow affords a view of life to the caring soul
That covers multitudes of mistakes and failures
Even while feeling the certainty
That a cold departure will end our days on Earth.

So why bemoan truth and the cold, bitter reality
Without appreciating the short time we have to shine
To lie about the land in regal, peaceful splendor
Appreciating the fact we own the time at all.

Snow does not last forever,
Nor does its beauty stand the tests of time.
Yet our memories and emotions may hold it dear
Just as this life of yours and mine…