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????????????????????????????????????????Thoughts of Valentines Day Love

SO, this is Valentines Day. A day of love. A day to appreciate love. A day does not go by where I don’t think about her. A day does not go by where I don’t smile at the thought of us together. A day does not go by where I don’t wish to be in her arms when my eyes close at night.

Love appreciations – the random “I love you” text. The smile from across the room (rare because we rarely get that far away from each other). Slight, physical contact when around others – everything from a knee to a foot to holding hands to a shoulder…

When I hear a love song that zings my soul, I sense her. When I harken to the melody, she swirls the inner sanctums of my heart, lilting and waltzing the tune, drawing desire with her every movement. When I behold her dance, she mesmerizes in grace and sensual motion. When I witness her laugh, my heart thrills.

Giving without thought of receipt. No expectation. Giving only with hope. Hope fulfilled – one of the grandest feelings I’ve ever known requires honest emotional communication.

Love is not a contract. Love exists as a passion. A magnificent beast, gentle and violent. A whirling dervish. A feather touch. A roaring, raging fire. A soft, gentle brook that trips smooth stones and  creates melody and rhyme and rhythm and peace. Love covers the breadth of life, whether one revels in its complexities or withers in its brutal absence.

To find someone who returns love and passion and kindness and laughter and touch and sexuality and hope and peace and a million other positive connotations, must rank as the single most incredible joy one can know. Each nuance of personality is another opportunity to love. Each quirk, each mannerism, an opportunity to thrill.

Love heals. In all its incredible glory and passion, in all its insane moments of delirium, each facet of love heals something somewhere inside each person that begs mending. Ultimately though, love MUST be shared or it dies. My thoughts for this Valentine Day…