We all go through the emotional ups and downs of life. Some of us compartmentalize them so as to minimize their affect on our lives. Others swim the turbulent seas of emotion, tossed around with little control. Others find compatriot emotional connections that either lend some shelter from the storms that come or destruct most semblances of stability.

In the end, we must all deal with the fact that we come to this world delivered as emotional creatures. The paths we choose truly cannot be labeled right or wrong because the standard shifts for each person. Yes, there may be “standards” for behavior or interaction with others, but personal standards on how to manage the interior life we all lead, that life hidden from ALL the world, must fall under our own regulation.

Deny it all you like. Quote all the standards you wish. The truth comes down to the internal fact lying somewhere within each of us that we MUST manage our internal life and thoughts and feelings to the manner which best suits us. Sometimes we soar. Others we crash and burn. In the end, our choices of action and reaction emotionally must answer to our own life’s standard.

The upside in this comes down to diversity and learning about wonderful humans everywhere. We study emotions. We write emotions. We experience emotions. We flee emotions. We dive into emotions. We compartmentalize emotions. We revel in emotions. Yet to each human, the manner in which we deal with emotions tend to be unique in some manner.

We  connect with those who share the same tendencies of managing emotions and we conflict with others. So much study over the course of human history. So many theories and conjectures and poems and catastrophes. We still understand so little. Let us continue our quests to emotional enlightenment and forsake apathy. Just my thoughts on emotions on a Tuesday morning write…

Reflections 72dpiEbb and Flow

Hearts glide ethereal skies
Eagles to emotional landscapes
Views of barrenness or plenty
All illusory or real depending upon the beholder.

Each soul chooses the outlook
Each heart defines its ebb and flow
Each compatriot does the same
Each study of one’s self delivers enlightenment.

Connection. Disconnection.
All part and parcel of life
Revel in the soaring highs
Reveal despairing lows

Even keel a boring life
Passion desires a flare
Appreciate your lows and strife
Embrace your magic in the air…