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Clock HandsNow.

Where resides your heart, mind, soul, at this very moment? Fretting a past blunder, blooper, or catastrophe? Savoring an event, a passion, a victory?

Or perhaps your inner eyes stands trained on a future event. An upcoming trial, challenge, or confrontation. How about a vacation, a date, or a celebration?

None of these items possess much meaning. They take up memory on your internal hard-drive or they use up RAM bogging down the moment you live in right now.

I’m one to talk (or write…). I understand the destructions from our pasts. I certainly entertain thoughts of the future, especially planning for the event. Yet, Eckhart Tolle nailed the truth of life – we only live life…NOW.

Each moment we spend harboring past pains and injustices rob us of that only instant where we live – NOW. Each nanosecond devoted to fretting or anticipating future events, steals the life afforded us in the only moment we ever live – NOW.

Staying in NOW presents incredible difficulties. We must plan for the future. We must learn and grow from the past. Too many of our moments, I suspect, get sold into an unbalanced equation of past or future.

Consider this for this day: a concerted effort to appreciate the instant you live, breathe and read this text allows you to grasp your life and see that you own a voice. You purchased a mind full of experiences with your past. Your next step into the vast unknown of tomorrow will ALWAYS EXIST NOW and nowhere else in time.

We all walk around, expiration dates pasted on our lives just out of our sight and knowledge. Each of us may, should we choose to empower ourselves, grasp the only real life we own on this earth, now, in this very second. We may harness the power of ‘future’, combined with the fuel of ‘past’ to forge our lives.

Use this moment wisely. Choose where, when, how, what, who, shall participate in your moment. Whether you choose a step closer to your dream or a step closer to your enlightenment, or a step closer to your peace, make the conscious choice, often as humanly possible, to forward your life in YOUR direction.

Your most powerful tool will always be NOW. You already bought your past. Your future remains the purchase you make with every moment you breathe. Use the highest currency you possess. This currency gets replenished with every beat of your heart, every breath of your lungs, every conscious decision of your mind.

Move forward.