hand writingYour Dream

In this life, the single most important person, the cog in your dream’s wheel, will always look back at you from the mirror. Those inner voices who tell you to do the easy things. Those voices who whisper you’re not good enough. Not established enough. Too much of this. Too little of that. The voices who desire to constantly rehash the past. The voices who look too much into the future projecting odds of success.

The truth will always remain that there are no guarantees of success. The moment ‘now’ will always be your success. You cannot have success without ‘now’. Now is the key ingredient to everything. So why do we constantly listen to our inner voices telling us we don’t have what it takes or that we’ll never be able to do what is necessary to get there?

Training. The answer, in my mind and heart, always comes back to training. Environment. Patterns. We buy into other people’s opinions. We seek them. We fear them. We require them. Meanwhile, others who we see as successful just seem to get out there and do it, whatever the “it” defines itself to be.

My answers lie within. What I observe in dealing with other authors and creative folk also reflects that same need for internal work. None of this is rocket science. I’m not saying anything revolutionary. Dr. Wayne Dyer and many, many others keep encouraging us to do this inner work. Sometimes we hear their voices, most times we don’t. We may read with our eyes, and hear with our ears, but we have yet to invest with our heart of hearts.

I will even state, controversially I am sure, that religion stands as one of the most critical traps. We often externalize to other people rather than invest our internal spirit ourselves. There are too many ‘control’ factors in religion that disallow creativity when the opposite should be true. Too many other people who use religion to control and too often we allow this.

Look inward to your heart and free yourself to become more than you’ve allowed. Free yourself to speak well of you, even if only internally. In fact, I believe this self-talk by definition should be internal. Confidence within belies confidence outside yourself. No actual external words are required.

Help others as you progress as well. This in turn reinforces your own confidence and sense of positivity. Get rid of as many of those negative voices you hear in your head as you identify. This effort often requires you change some of the people outside your head with whom you associate. You either stay locked in going nowhere, or you step into your dream.

Talk positively about yourself to yourself. Recognize your particular brilliance in this world. Everyone possesses brilliance. In most of us, we’ve allowed the external world to steamroll our internal thoughts into someone far less than who we can be. Make the choice to change your self-talk to positivity and ‘now.’ Negativity is a choice. Change your choice, change your life…

Which brings up the next equation: Life + Choice = ?


Voices. Voices. Inside my head.
Voices screaming what I dread.
Voices convicting me of crimes.
Voices bleeding me of time.

Voices adopted from without.
Voices empowered with too much clout.
Voices living within my soul.
Voices damage my heart with holes.

Change your voices and change your life.
Change your voices. End your strife.
Champion the best inside of you.
Choice you own. What will YOU do?