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Moonshot 1Darkened Moon, Darkened Heart

Darkened moon, darkened heart
Where do you find recompense?
You slay the souls of the kind-hearted
Ruthless. Vicious. Self-deceived.

Victimhoods’ banners fly through your speech.
Vanguard of the negativity and brazen lies
You summon to comfort your delusions
Until all becomes lost but your misery.

Simple to psuedo-slay the soft and gentle.
Harsh measures to rule minds uncontrolled by power
Beaten children never learn to love
Wicked self-deluded mothers never care to live.

Darkened moon, darkened heart
Where now lies your rotten reward?
You reap your ever-repeating, flailing stabs
Of the lies you stalk with collateral damage ignored

There stands no sense of forgiveness for you
Ah, yes, only in your retched, withered mind
Tormented by atrocities decades dead
Kept alive by your hateful machinations

Darkened moon, darkened heart
Pity stands too high a pedestal for you
Yet all that’s left for your sunken collapse?
A verbal monument to exhibit how this world mistreats you.

Victimhood your claim, your birthright
Cleaves your soul like the stench of death off forgotten roadkill
Always present to repel
In this life, ugly, disfigured, done.

Darkened moon, darkened heart
Pathetic  lengths you stride to prove a pointless point.
Bear your ill wind some other direction
You own no desire here whatsoever…