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In life, often those who are supposed to be your most vociferous supporters end up being our most debilitating detractors. Constant criticisms and lack of true, meaningful support, this inner circle becomes cancerous and sucks the living marrow from our souls.

If we become fortunate enough, and work diligent enough, to change this inner circle to positive, supportive folk, our view of life, motivation, love, confidence, self-esteem, and a host of other good and necessary attributes, can then flourish and hand us the means by which we find our dreams and our success.

This inner circle does not happen by accident. You must be willing to weed the negative, adopt the positive, and nurture the relationships you grow. Activity on your part begets results from others. You must give to receive, and you must cultivate good and powerful relationships. When your inner circle gets acknowledged, you build those connections stronger. Never fear lifting up those who lift you. The more you give them selflessly, honestly, and with sincerity, the more you receive without even expecting their contribution.

This goes for love as well… With respect to love, in my life I have discovered that when you give all yours away, you end up with an abundance of love you never knew you could possess…

Handle With Care

I have everything I need
I have my car, my computers
My home, my food,
I have my daughters, my son,
My health, my creativity.
I have my wits, my laugh
My intellect, my will.
I do not have my love and my heart
Please keep them safe and handle with care