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IMG_0320I Drink the Colors of Life

This day I want to find more of me in the day
More of me in this world,
More of a boot print on this earth.

This day I desire my song to be sung,
My harmonies to be wafted on the gentle spring breeze.

This day I crave solitary enlightenment,
Joyous and raucous laughter with loved and cherished folk.

This day I relish the song of the birds,
Sweetness of breath,
Gentle kiss of my love.

This day I drink of the colors of life,
I taste its temporal elixir,
Mesmerized and prisoner of life’s slavish splendor.

This day I know my existence owns purpose,
My endeavors pale yet stand paramount next to eternity.

This day my tiny footprint trails life’s ocean shore,
Next to life’s roaring intensity,
Life’s silent magnificence.

This day I know, with my heart and my soul,
All I need do to connect to my future
Is to walk in my present, and be one with my past.

This day brings forth a moment in time,
The wink of existence, the opportunity to simply be,
And I starve for the words that paint love on my canvas,
To share passion with others,
To lie silent with cacophony.

This day I marvel at life’s enduring complexity,
Its overwhelming mystery,
Its snickering unshared inside-joke,
And i understand I don’t get to figure it out,
I don’t get to possess the punchline,
But I am simply allowed to revel in my limited view,
And fetter myself to whatever truth I may find there.