Survival mode. So much of life today call for simple survival. Or does it? What we take for granted reveals who we are and what we prize in life. Some folks live in survival mode on a monetary basis. You would be surprised at how little you truly have to possess to live in this mode.

Others fall into survival mode on the emotional plane. Here stands the desert and the forest and the raging sea all boiled into one chaotic concoction. Here is where survival mode hits many. My view is that most succumb to compartmentalization and dulled emotional sensing. This survival mode affects all others, for good or for ill. It is of this survival mode from which I write…



Dreaming in Survival Mode

She will never be mine to lose
Only to win…
If I’m denied the luscious flavor of her eyes,
I can win…
Should one single moment more be withheld
I can win…
When the chaotic perfection love delivers calls,
I can win…
Her radiant kindness cannot fail to inspire
I have won…

Dreaming in survival mode
Falls ever-lasting on the premise of love
Passions for life balled into precious thought
Held dear in the unseen heart
No other soul truly able to comprehend
Stirrings so personal, so vibrant even if a whisper…

Dreaming in survival mode
Owes sole allegiance to the heart holding the dream
Willingness to die to the world for hope
Steadfastness to cling through tears that must fall
Blood poured through holes in the soul
Only to find the dream still lives as long as hope exists

Dreaming in survival mode
Delivers the essence of survival itself
For without the dream, death follows apathy,
Anger, frustration, disappointment, collapse…

Dreaming in survival mode
Quickens the heart, the soul, the love, the hope
Each person innately possesses
All we need do is step into “now”
Stroll out of the traps of men
Into the freedom, the exhilaration of loving our life

So we may switch off survival mode…